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Welcome to Class Y5.

Miss Hunter would like to welcome you to our Class page.

What are we learning? - Summer Term 2016/17


As Authors ... we will create non-chronological reports and explanation texts about Space. We will create our own Space narratives, no doubt with aliens involved! Myths and Legends will be explored and newspaper articles written.

As Historians ... we will study significant individuals including Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton. We will also explore the 1960's Space Race. What was that?

As Scientists ... we will study Earth and Space in detail including forces and especially gravity! We will learn how to work scientifically with our experiments.

As Musicians ... we will listen to music and compare themes and messages within songs. I wonder if you can guess which songs we might study?

As Geographers ... we aim to locate physical features.

As Designers ... we will create a rocket ... Three, two, one ... blast off! We will also recreate the surface of the moon using a range of materials.

As Artists ... we will explore printing.

As Enterprising Learners ... we will focus on energy, impact, design and vision. These will be weaved throughout our topic.

Are we alone or are there other life forms out there?

What are we learning? - Spring Term 2016/17

Off With Her Head!

As Authors ... we will create fact files and biographies about famous people from the Tudor period. We will write court orders and pleas. Also we will look at writing a story based in Tudor times.

As Historians ... we will create family trees and various timelines, ensuring that we learn key dates of important events. We will explore events in the Tudor period, which are believed to have changed our history.

As Scientists ... we will study living things and their habitats. We will explore animals and humans, exploring life cycles and changes.

As Musicians ... we will listen to music for instruments used and use rhythms to create our own verse linked to our topic learning.

As Geographers ... we will compare and contrast London from Tudor times to now, looking for physical changes. We will sketch images of land and use maps to explore different routes.

As Designers ... we will create a piece of costume jewellery fit for the king! We will also look at sewing techniques.

As Artists ... we will make observational drawings of jewellery and clothes worn in Tudor times. We will study work by Hans Holbein and other various Tudor paintings.

As Enterprising Learners ... we will focus on four skills. These are initiate, venture, persuade and analyse. These will be weaved throughout our topic.

How did this domineering dynasty change our history?

What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2016/17

Alchemy Island

As Authors ... we will create our own adventure stories, especially ones that J.K.Rowling would be proud of. Can we create the next Harry Potter book? We will create diary entries about what we learn on our exciting journey. We will become reporters, demonstrating our journalistic skills. During this topic, we will develop skills in a range of styles of writing and we will have purposes to write for.

As Scientists ... we will explore the properties of a range of materials. We will use our scientific skills during our experiments, where we will ensure we have a fair test.

As Musicians ... we will create our own pieces of music for every step of the way on our adventure to ignite our passion for music.

As Geographers ... we will go on our very own adventure using our map skills to help us find our way. We will work carefully with co-ordinates.

As Designers ... we will create a circuit that we might need for our journey. Can we get the bulb to light?

As Artists ... we will explore different art styles that appear as we journey through the different buildings on Alchemy Island. Will we see the work of any famous artists?

As Enterprising Learners ... we will focus on three skills. These are collaboration, communication and creativity. These will be woven throughout our topic.

Can we find the gold and survive on Alchemy Island?