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Welcome to Class Y3.

Miss Blagden would like to welcome you to our Class page.

What are we learning? - Summer Term 2016/17

Tribal Tales

As Authors ... we will be exploring non-fiction writing. We will use resources to research the prehistoric ages in order to write our own non chronological reports. We will also be refining our abilities to explain concepts and occurrences linked to the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. We will be exploring a classic children's story linked to Tribal Tales and create alternative scenarios and events using the characters.

As Scientists ... we will explore and categorise rocks and soils. We will also be looking into how pre-historic people used to plant crops and farm the land. We will be learning about the different parts and needs of plants and flowers.

As Historians ... we will be exploring how people from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age lived. We will focus on housing, what they looked like, what materials they used to build them. We will look at how they used hunting to survive, how they travelled and how they used and made different weapons.

As Designers ... we will design our own tools using natural material found around school. We will compare the materials available in the prehistoric ages to the materials available using them to construct to most effective tools.

As Artists ... we will be developing the use of sketching and planning before moving into more detailed observational drawings using a variety of different mediums. We will be learning how to effectively cut and join materials with the outcome being the construction of our own 3D models of Stone Age houses.

As Enterprising Learners ... we will be refining our design, collaboration, analysis and assessing the impact of our work in these areas.

What are we learning? - Spring Term 2016/17

Could a potion change the world today?

As Authors ... we will be using a range of Roald Dahl texts to write character descriptions, biographies, stories and poems using some of Roald Dahl's famous nonsense words.

As Scientists ... we will be looking at forces and motion exploring how forces act upon objects and investigate using magnets.

As Historians ... we will researching about inspirational people from the past focusing on people with strong dreams and ambitions.

As Geographers ... we will be looking at customs, cultures and traditions in other counties and exploring how their landscape has adapted and changed over time.

As Designers ... we will design, create and evaluate a potion to give Grandma from George's marvellous medicine and create dream jars with influence from the BFG thinking carefully about our future dreams and ambitions.

As Artists ... we will sketch characters using evidence from the text and create posters using Photoshop software.

As Enterprising Learners ... we will work collaboratively, encouraging and supporting each other to venture into the unknown.

What are we learning? - Autumn Term 2016/17

Is it fair to fish?

As Authors ... we will be writing stories about fantasy events that could happen under the oceans. We will be writing non-chronological reports about animals that can be found in the different seas around the world.

As Scientists ... we will dive deep into the ocean and explore the different creatures and their habitats. We will identify how animals and plants are suited to and adapt to their environment in different ways.

As Historians ... we will delve into the history that lays on the ocean floors and research how it has changed over time.

As Geographers ... we will discover the different layers of the ocean and explore how humans have an impact on the environment. We will name and locate the Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Arctic and Antarctic Circle and date time zones. We will describe some of the characteristics of these geographical areas.

As Designers ... we will design, create and evaluate a product using critiquing to improve. We will select and use a range of materials and equipment.

As Artists ... we will explore existing ideas and use careful observation to produce pencil sketches and designs using a range of media.

As Enterprising Learners ... we will work collaboratively, encouraging and supporting each other to venture into the unknown.